Freq Delay


FFX Freq Delay M4L Audio Effect

A Free Freqadelic M4L Stereo Audio Delay Effect for Ableton Live Designed from the Ground up for Creative Sound Design

Freq Delay is a stereo delay effect with feedback pitch shifting, feedback filtering, ping-pong, reverse, and special glitch modes. It is especially well suited for tape, dub, analogue bucket-bridage style delays as well as new experimental glitch delay sounds.

Freq Delay’s feedback loop can be filtered, pitch shifted or both. Emulate tape and analogue delays with the lowpass filter, create novel unusual effects with the pitch shift and bandpass/highpass filter, or get experimental with one of the three glitch modes available. Feedback can be pushed beyond 100% for extreme effects, and analogue modeling distortion curves are used to saturate and limit the feedback path with a responsiveness similar to vintage gear.


System Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 10.0.0 and above, Max for Live 8.0.0 and above

genexpr in M4L

Custom Audio Engine Written in Genexpr

At the heart of Freq Delay is a novel and CPU efficient genexpr audio engine that make Freq Delay a new and exciting tool to work with. Freq Delay employs self-managing DSP to dynamically respond to its input, saving you precious processing power instead of wasting resources when not in use.




Freq Delay is fully annotated and documented to in Ableton Live’s help view and comes with a built-in lesson to make learning and understanding it easy.

Ableton Live’s help view

FFX Freq Delay (1.0.0) Ableton Live Pack

Freq Delay is delivered as a .alp file and installs with the rest of your Live Packs — the Freq Delay lesson is accessible by navigating to your packs and option-clicking (right-clicking) the [FFX Freq Delay(1.0.0)] pack.








Presets included with Freq Delay

Over 35 Presets are included with Freq Delay

More than three dozen presets to showcase Freq Delay’s sonic potential. These presents range from vintage tape and dub delays, pitch-shifting soundscapes and extreme circuit bent chaos.









Demo some of Freq Delay’s sounds and Presets

The Frequency Sequencer

Freq Delay is a free standalone version of one of the many effects available in Freq Seq the Frequency Sequencer