Freq Phaser — New Release!

FFX Freq Phaser M4L Device

A Free  M4L Stereo Phase-Shifter for Ableton Live Designed from the Ground up for Creative Sound Design

Freq Phaser is an insanely lush stereo phase shifting effect with feedback delay and saturation, a multi-mode quadrature LFO, a mappable and automatable manual phase adjustment, and an analogue-style envelope follower for all of your phase shifting needs.

Freq Phaser is especially well suited for rich classic analogue phase-shifter sounds, subtle stereo warbles, adding precise articulations with the manual phase adjustment, and creating dynamic motion with the envelope follower.

Since Freq Phaser is a product of Freq FX so *OF COURSE* you can push the LFO Rate, Feedback, Delay, and Filter Q parameters well beyond typical, ‘recommended’ settings if you dare to venture into a new frontier of sound-design. A lot of love and time has been spent tuning Freq Phaser’s parameters so you can create stable, yet chaotic, warbling feedback resonance effects that are unlike anything any other plug-in or stomp-box has to offer.

Freq Phaser Sound Demo
System Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 10.0.0 and above, Max for Live 8.0.0 and above

Custom Audio Engine Written in Genexpr

genexpr code in M4L

At the heart of Freq Phaser is a novel and CPU efficient genexpr audio engine that make Freq Delay a new and exciting tool to work with. Freq Phaser employs self-managing DSP to dynamically respond to its input, saving you precious processing power instead of wasting resources when not in use.

Includes Presests, Annotations and Lesssons

Freq Phasor is delivered as a .alp file and installs with the rest of your Live Packs — the Freq Phasor lesson is accessible by navigating to your packs and option-clicking (right-clicking) the [FFX Freq Phasor(1.0.0)] pack.

FFX Freq Phaser 1.0.0 .alp Pack
Ableton Live’s Help View

Freq Phaser’s Ui Parameters are fully annotated in Ableton Live’s Help View.

Freq Seq — The Frequency Sequencer

Freq Delay is a free standalone version of one of the many effects available in Freq Seq the Frequency Sequencer

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