[frēk sēk] Noun 
1. A sequencer of frequencies
2. A seeker of freaks
3. A freak seeking freaky sequenced frequencies
4. A live performance oriented sequenced multi-effect. Powered by a custom DSP library; Freq Seq’s rapid work-flow enables dynamic, compelling sound design on-the-fly.

ompatibility: OSX and Windows

System Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 10.0.0 and above, Max for Live 8.0.0 and above
Freq Seq Plugin

Work Flow

Custom Push 2 modes, comprehensive MIDI implementation, and support for using external Audio plug-ins make Freq Seq a powerful sound design tool with an adaptive work flow. Freq Seq was designed specifically to accommodate a variety of production workflows. Colorize live Dj sets, add modulated FX salt and pepper to Arrangement View productions, play Freq Seq like an instrument while jamming in Session View, use Freq Seq with external plug-ins and hardware effects, control Freq Seq from your MIDI hardware setup or even integrate it with your modular system.


  • Sample Accurate built-in Sequencer with seven rows that allow you to trigger effects individually or at the same time
  • 19 built-in custom effects that range from simple and classic to novel and experimental which allow you to smash, mangle, distort, modulate and otherwise Freq up your sound
  •  Live transport tempo synchronized effects for rhythmic grooves
  • 127 programmable Sequencer Patterns that are recallable with MIDI, Automation and mouse interactions
  • Lightening fast Sequencer pattern recall for tight timing
  • Custom Push 2 modes for creating and recalling Sequencer Patterns for on-the-fly jamming and sound design
  • Advanced Routing’ features ensure compatibility with Ableton stock Audio Devices, third party M4L Audio Devices, and third party VST/AU plug-ins
  • Separate audio effect inputs and outputs ensure tight mixes
  • Sequencer Pattern recall and effects routing controllable with Automation and External MIDI including MIDI Clips, Hardware Sequencers & Keyboards, and MIDI control surfaces and software

Custom Push 2 Modes

Jam and control Freq Seq directly from your Push 2 control surface for live performances and improvised jamming.

Freq Seq Push 2

External Plug-in Support

Vst and Ableton Stock Plugins supported for use with Freq Seq, for endless creative sound design.

Freq Seq’s Advanced Routing

Custom Genexpr DSP Library

Freq Seq’s built in effects and sequencer are powered by a custom DSP library written for maximum efficiency to preserve precious CPU.

Because the effects are custom written and fine tuned they have a novel character unlike anything else available.

FDN Reverb in genexpr

Presets and In-Set Lessons

Learn the Ins and Outs of Freq Seq

Freq Seq comes with .alp presets and extensive in-set lessons to get you up and running as soon as possible.

In-set lessons provide an interactive way to fully understand the advanced features of Freq Seq, and are available by choosing ‘Show Defualt Lesson’ from the FFX Freq Seq Pack.

Freq Seq Lessons

Creative Sound Design

Freq Seq was created with the idea in mind for it to be a flexible audio effect that could be played like an instrument, used like a standard production plug-in, or integrated into almost any esoteric control/performance system.

Powerful DSP

Freq Seq's built-in sequencer runs at signal rate, ensuring sample-to-sample timing accuracy when jamming, and is synchronized with Live's transport, enabling predictable results when producing in Arrangement mode. The 19 built-in Audio effects are powered by a tightly managed, custom DSP library written in genexpr; this gives Freq Seq a novel and creative sonic palette not available elsewhere, while conserving precious CPU.

Adaptive Control

Custom Push 2 modes turn Freq Seq into a fully jamable live instrument and MIDI control over sequencer patterns and effects triggers mean that Freq Seq can be controlled by any thing that Sends MIDI: Clips, Devices, M4L, Software plug-ins, and external gear including surfaces, sequencers and MIDI Keyboards.